Wall Mounted Self Adhesive Soap Holder

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Wall Mounted Self Adhesive Soap Sponge Dish No Drilling Storage Box Rack Shelf Drain Bathroom Soap Dishes


  • QUALITY DESIGN - On top of the non-slot design, the soap dish is brilliantly made with a smooth SLOPE surface not only protecting the soap bottom from getting mushy but also achieving better results of drainage than the dishes with slotted parts.
  • HOLDING FOR LONG - Soapdish with a slotted design for drainage cannot prevent the soap from getting mushy because the slotted parts will get the soap stuck and damage its bottom, which gets mushy when exposed to water again.

  • Soapdish for shower or bathroom comes with super-strong adhesive for you to mount the dish onto the wall. You may also let it stand near the sink
  • Easy to install and to stick firmly with high-quality adhesive tape.

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