Expandable Refrigerator Storage Divider

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Does your refrigerator look messy?

  • Put our Refrigerator Space Telescopic Partition on the side storage slot, you can divide the pouch, seasoning jar, cheese, and other items into compartments, and easily take out the items from the refrigerator door pocket.

Main Features

  • Ideal Storage Method
    After using it, you can use the flavoring agent as you want, and the flavoring agent will not leak or fall off. Other things that are easy to move or fall can use to partition neatly. Will not move, will not fall, can be put back in place, very easy to use!

  • District Organization
    By clamping it in the door pocket of the refrigerator, you can make it organized and easier to take out the items in the door pocket.

  • Active Everywhere
    This is a kitchen Fridge Space Allocator, which not only can be used in the refrigerator but also can be used in different places according to the equipment. Just install it on the door cover of the refrigerator to separate it neatly!

  • Scalable Design
    Unique retractable and elongated design, suitable for storage boxes of various specifications.

  • Perfect Fusion
    Since it is translucent, its presence is weak when attached. You can connect it with the ordinary refrigerator grid without any problems.

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