Self-Sharpening Cleaning Scraper (Pack of 2)

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🌟 Transform Your Cleaning Routine! 🌟

🧽 Multi-Functionality: Tackle everything from stubborn stickers to baked-on food with our non-scratch scraper and hook!

Compact & Ergonomic: Designed for ease, fitting perfectly in tight corners and hard-to-reach spots!

🔪 Self-Sharpening Edge: Enjoy a consistently sharp scraper for 1,000+ uses thanks to our built-in sharpener!

🍳 Gentle on Surfaces: Safe for non-stick items and gentler than your fingernail, protecting your kitchenware!

🌟 Dual Functionality: Flip between the scraper and hook for versatile cleaning!

🖐️Ergonomic Design: Comfortable grip makes cleaning a breeze!

🌊 Heat Resistant & Dishwasher Safe: Easy cleanup every time, a must-have in every kitchen!

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